Rest home Villa Alba


Personalized treatment

The rest home was established in 1994 in a cosy and equipped building with all comforts. The center offers its services to self-sufficient as well as to non-self-sufficient elderly people and guarantees them the best health care and personalized treatments based on everyone's needs. Since its opening, the Villa Alba rest home in Modica has set itself the goal of offering a warm welcome and an intimate and familiar environment both for long and short stays. All guests will receive the care and attention they need based on their own physical and health conditions.

Family atmosphere

Our building has large, bright and comfortable rooms. Inside the rest home there are several common areas in which the elderly can find the company of their peers and interact with each other to talk about their memories, their life experiences and their passions. In the senior centre we also have a team of medical, nursing and ASA (Auxiliary Social Assistance) staff prepared and available at any time of the day or night.

Available staff

The secretariat and the acceptance office are always open for any need of our guests and their families to remove any doubt, welcome any requests and meet all needs. The environment is always clean and tidy with a refined decor and equipped with all the accessories to make your stay more comfortable. The facility is equipped with a nursing department and an area dedicated to motor rehabilitation of elderly people who have undergone surgery or who have had periods of inactivity.